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Give Thanks To The Lord His Mercy Endures Forever

Holy land Tour Thanksgiving

Give Thanks To The Lord
His Mercy Endures Forever
Rabbi Moshe Laurie
November 8 - 17, 2010

Mission to the Holy Land
To Take Dominion in the Name of the Lord

Come join with us in Israel. Help us ensure Am Yisra'el Chai Israel shall live! Take part in this great missions trip. Travel with us across the width and breadth of the land. Read Numbers 34-36 and allow it to make an impact on your heart.

  • Who can come? Anyone who agrees that Israel shall live.

  • This group will be coordinated by Rabbi Moshe Laurie, a fulfilled Orthodox Jew who has received Messiah, lived in the land of Israel for 16 years and led multiple tours to Israel for the last 13 years. Our guides will be Messianic Believers who have grown up in the Holy Land and will share with us Biblical as well as historical life from the believer's perspective.

    Click here to print out our Brochure to share with those who would like to travel with us.

    Click here for more information
    and to book online.