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Political Correctness: Whose Bright Idea Was That?            
       by Heidi Swander

  Marxists have actually used this term for at least 80 years as a broad synonym for "the General Line of the Party," according to a book published by the Free Congress Foundation (FCF). (http://www.freecongress.org/centers/cc/index.aspx   

Geoff Botkin, senior consultant to the Western Conservatory of Arts and Sciences, is a former Marxist who became a Christian in the early '70s and immediately began trying to expose the Marxist agenda for America.  In a recent interview on Worldview Matters, Botkin explained that the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s was the initial execution of a plan by a group known as "The Frankfurt School" to undermine American culture.  They wanted to "create so much chaos and confusion and dysfunction -- a ferociously uncivil society -- that the people will beg the state to come in with the answers. 'Once we have achieved that,'" the group aspired, "'we have our Socialist utopia, which is a tyrannical state model that pushes Christianity out completely.'  

"You've got to hear this from a former Marxist," Botkin said.  "Marxism is a declaration of war against God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is all-out warfare against the truth.   They said, 'We cannot tolerate the culture of the West -- the culture of Christendom -- so we have to turn it on its head and create a culture that's anti-Western and anti-Christian.'  This is the essence of political correctness."  

So in American society today, political correctness (PC) is a masking term for an ideology known as "cultural Marxism," that is, Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms.  As such, PC "seeks to alter virtually all the rules, formal and informal, that govern relations among people and institutions," according to the FCF book.  

The Frankfurt School that Botkin mentioned was officially known as the Institute for Social Research and was established at Frankfurt University in Germany in 1923.  In 1933, the faculty left Germany for New York because of the Nazi rise to power.  They were supported in this move by the educational reformer John Dewey and his right-hand man, Edward R. Murrow, who later joined CBS and contributed to the political downfall of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.  Murrow, at the behest of Dewey, found the faculty members positions at educational institutions across the country.  

"What must be understood is that they were the very best strategists deployed by Lenin himself for the conquest of the world through cultural Marxism," Botkin noted.  But their initial attempts in Germany, Hungary, and Bavaria failed.  The Christian influence of the period was too strong and wouldn't allow it.  Thus the idea of Neo-Marxism -- New Marxism -- was born: that is, cultural Marxism.   

Now their revolution goal was to undermine the Christian family.  Their main weapons for this endeavor were curriculums created for college classrooms and for Hollywood.  These curriculums were "anti-Christian to the core -- anti-family and especially anti-father," Botkin said.  "They did a complete cultural end-run and now we have a society that is crumbling, confused, hostile to Christianity."  

"Very few Americans realize that political correctness is in fact Marxism in a different set of clothes," the Free Congress Foundation (FCF) writes in its publication.  "Most Americans do not realize that they, through their institutions, are being led by social revolutionaries who think in terms of the continuing destruction of the existing social order in order to create a new one. They now control the public institutions in the United States.  Their 'quiet revolution,' beginning with the counter-culture revolution of their youth, is nearing completion."  

According to the FCF, when cultural Marxists gain power, they "lay penalties on white men and others who disagree with them and give privileges to the groups they favor.  Affirmative action is an example."  Botkin believes it's not too late to save our society if we are willing to stand up to and against this onslaught by countering it with truth.  Call homosexuality a sin; expose abortion as murder; identify affirmative action as reverse discrimination - and do these things in public where the people will hear you.  But doing so may mean enduring ridicule, bad press, persecution, Botkin warns.  

This information fills in big gaps, doesn't it?  One of the primary goals of Olive Tree Ministries is to expose deception in the church and our world.  This is one of the biggest deceptions of all time and actually plays into the whole Emerging Church delusion - but that's another subject for another time.  

Now as I look around at any number of things from the demand that we be "tolerant" of homosexuals' desire to foist their perversion on our society to the presidential election, I see the results of what a group of Marxist intellectuals began 30 years before I was born.  It explains a lot, and God saw it coming way back.  

"But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" (II Timothy 3:2-4).  

Is it not possible that the whole scheme has been a setup to the Antichrist's one-world government that, it would seem, will be the supreme culmination of Marxism (i.e., the state controls everything, including what one buys and sells)?