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Filmmaker: 'Obama, Abraham Lincoln born Muslim'

Says Quran 'compatible' with American values
Posted: April 21, 2009
9:18 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh

A new Islamic film promoted on the Internet boasts that not only was President Obama born Muslim, so was Abraham Lincoln, who followed Islamic edicts by abolishing slavery.

"Barack Hussein Obama is not alone," according to Faruq Masudi, director of "Quran Contemporary Connections."

"The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was born a Muslim.

"Lincoln shares equal footage with luminaries of Islamic history like Saladin, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and the former president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed," he says in a statement about the film.

"According to the Quran, everybody is born a Muslim," he writes. "It is only by his own free will that a man chooses a different course for himself. In that Abraham Lincoln was not only a born Muslim but he chose to live by Islamic edicts like abolishing organized slavery; establishing equality of all human beings, democracy and accountability to God and man; core Islamic concepts as propounded in the Holy Quran."

The filmmaker says the movie "has been met with stiff resistance from the mainstream American distributors, so is being promoted on the Internet."

The filmmaker explains he instructed a team of professors to "probe deep into the minds of more than a billion Muslims" and discover the reasons for "suicide bombings, multiple wives and religious fanaticism." The website says the team included Mark Juergensmeyer of the American Academy of Religion, Harvard Islam author Hossein Hasr, author Bruce Lawrence and others.

"The team is asked to find out if the Quran is out of step with modern times," the filmmaker said, and they concluded the answer is no.

"In Islam, sex is a good thing. Allah is not a Muslim specific God; even Arabic speaking Jews and Christians use the word Allah in their liturgies," Masudi said. "Polygamy is a blessing. We are not God and God is not us. It is mandatory for Muslims to revere all the Prophets of Judaism and Christianity. Muslims do not worship Muhammad. Everybody is a born Muslim!"

A promotion about the project has been posted on YouTube, and it has been embedded here:

The film's conclusions appear to support the alarm raised by terrorism expert Robert Spencer in his book "Stealth Jihad," which describes the undercover infiltration of radical Islamic influences into the West.

"Spencer factually outlines how Muslim radicals are methodically undercutting American values of individual freedom, quoting leaders of this anti-American movement who say their ultimate goal is the creation of an Islamic state right here in the good old U.S.A.," wrote Rowan Scarborough in a review of the book at Human Events.

"Say it can't happen? Just look at our kinsmen in Europe. Their guilt, and tolerance for anything anti-Western have nurtured a growing population of fanatics. Mosques have sprung up where firebrand clergy preach hate and violence. Some Muslim neighborhoods have become no-go zones for non-believers who dare not trespass where harsh Shariah law reigns," the review continued.

"Such segregated Muslim communities are spreading throughout Europe at an alarming pace," Spencer writes.

He quoted Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood, who promised at a conference in Toledo, Ohio, "We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America. Not through sword but through Da'wa (Islamic proselytizing]."

The filmmaker, however, has another perspective.

"[The] Quran is compatible with American values and is not alien to them. Americans don't have to be afraid of the Quran as it is already playing out daily in their lives. And Muslims don't have to eye Americans with suspicion," the company's statement said.

Commented Scarborough on Spencer's book, "Americans should be as vigilant as ever."

"If Western Europe does become Islamized, as demographic trends suggest, before too long America will be facing a world that is drastically different and more forbidding than today. And the same process of Islamization will proceed here unless enough people wake up in time to head it off," Spencer's book warns.