Learn more about making an impact!

[ Just 4 Kidz ]
Examples to share:
Something writen
An experience
Music, songs, reading
Pictures, drawings
A combination

On this page we would like to encourage you to share your gifts with others, or tell about an event in your life that has blessed you or others, that we can share here to encourage others to share our gifts, so that we can learn and see how sharing our gifts always blesses others to make an impact.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritual Gifts & talents Click here, for a study sheet. When our children were 12 & 14 we all sat down and did this together. Boy! did we have fun! & learn a lot! Years later we found our answer sheets, and sat down together again, to learn some more, and see in which areas our Father had helped us grow in Him.

Some ideas on how to share:
You could use different programs found in your start button, I have highlighted them with a star below:

For instance if you like to sing, play music, or read the Bible aloud you could use the sound recorder, or Windows Movie Maker. If you like to write or tell your story with pictures and words you could use Word Pad & Paint. If you wanted to make your story into a movie, you could use Windows Movie maker. And if you wanted to make your very own web page to share you could use Note Pad, at least that is what I use. If you would like to write about your event or story, and not put it on something else first you could just click below, and start right in, after you ask your Mom or Dad of course, if it is ok, always let Mom & Dad know what you are doing, they know what is best!