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The Dreidel Game

1. First you place your bets (usually chocolate wraped in gold coin foil).
2. Next you spin the dradel on a hard even surface.
3. If you recieve a Gimel all of the gelt that is in the center.
4. If you receive a shin you must place two peices of gelt in the center.
5. If you receive a hay you take half of the gelt from the center.
6. If a nun is received nothing happens.

Listen to the Dreydel song here:

The dreidel is a famous custom associated with Hanukkah. The letters on the dreidel, in the Diaspora, stand for nes gadol haya sham--"a great miracle happened there, "while in Israel the dreidel says nun, gimmel, hey, pey, which means "a great miracle happened here."

Dreidel was played in order to fool the Greeks while studying Torah, which had been outlawed. Every Hebrew letter has a numerical equivalent, nun, gimmel, hey, shin in gematria equals 358, which is also the numerical equivalent of Mashiach or Messiah!

The letters nun, gimmel, hey, shin also represent the four kingdoms which tried to destroy God's chosen people:
(N) Nebuchadnetzar / Babylon
(H) Haman / Persia / Madai
(G) Gog / Greece
(S) Seir / Rome.

Tic Tac Dreidel (2 player)

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