40 Years of Wandering

    How to play

  1. More than one person can play this part if you wish.
  2. Pick a color . This will be your color when you land on a square than chose this color for your marker.
  3. "Click for a number" lowest number starts first.
  4. Then the person who starts first clicks a number and counts that many spaces. Some of the Spaces are links.
  5. When you land on a space Select your color, then click on the space to see if it is a link, If so then follow the directions, If not then stay where you are.
  6. If your browser supports the pop-up windows then you can click them out after you read what to do. If not then make sure to use the back button in your browser window so that you do not lose your marker information on your page.
  7. The person who reaches the next button first is the winner of this part of the game. If there is only one player than congradulations, you did it :)

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