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A combination of just about anything you would like to put on the internet to tell the world on a web page. It is very simple to make a web page. First you get out "NotePad". Then you put some HTML (codes) on it to tell the internet browser what you want to show up in the internet like this:

Putting words between <h1></h1> Can make them large or small:

<h1>Size One</h1> Good for Titles

<h2>Size Two</h2> Ok for Titles

<h3>Size Three</h3> Ok for Text

<h4>Size Four</h4> Good for Text

<h5>Size Five</h5> Getting kinda small

<h6>Size Six</h6> hmmm sure it's good for something :)

You can make your text:



<U>underlines Text</U>

Making text appear on the page as you want it:

<BR> makes a break or the text go down one line
<P> inserts a space between lines

<center>Centers Text</center>

To add a picture:
<img src="the name of your picture goes here.gif">

When you are all finished with your web page attach and send any pictures, movies & recordings, along with the "notepad" through the e-mail.
See: Example to attach & send.

If you would like to learn more about making web pages, Click here.
If you would like to see an example web page with music, pictures from a camera & made with Paint shop pro Click here.

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