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Music, songs, reading & ect:

Please keep in mind copy write laws when you make your movie, try to use your singing voice, or instruments you play Thank you!

If you have a microphone and a Sound Recorder you can share like Rabbi Moshe Laurie when he reads the weekly Parashat. When you are finished with your recording save it, where you can find it and see example2.htm#a

You can also use Windows Movie Maker to combine sound & pictures. By dragging your wav sound from the recorder into movie maker, and then adding pictures or words to go with it. You can also add video effects, titles & credits.

You can also record sound with the Movie maker.

Click here for an example Joshua 3:1-11

When you are done making your movie, see #3. "Finish Movie"

Then send your movie through the e-mail TO:


Write in the SUBJECT: Making an impact!

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