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Each of us has talents that we are born with. Each of us has gifts, given to us by our Father. Both are things that we enjoy doing, we can learn how to use our gifts & talents to glorify our Father in heaven. One thing I enjoy is poetry, another is writing, latter I learned how to make web pages, to put my poetry and writings (blogs) on the internet, to share the good news with others, this is how I came to help with making the webpage for Shofar Be Tzion Ministries. Whatever our gifts may be, when we use them to spread the "Good News" to those around us, we are blessed, as those around us are blessed, that is how the Father works through us, His body, always working together to glorify Him.

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When you finish with WordPad , save it, where you can find it.

Then open the e-mail and click on "Attach":

Find where you put it in the Insert Attachment box,
and then click on it, then click on Attach:


Make sure it is now in the Attach: line of your e-mail. Then send.


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