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Something you have written could be a poem, story, something you learned while reading God's word, and want to share. The world needs good writers to publish the good news about God, and the more we learn of Him the more we can share with others to make an impact for HIM. Below is a poem I thought up while working on this example, so it is for you:

      Our Fathers Face

      The world is a very big place
      Yet in heaven our angels behold our Fathers face
      so very bright in Whom there is no darkness at all
      Even though we may feel small
      We are as a shining city high upon a hill
      Filled with His light we shine for all the world to see
      the love he gives to thee

        Ps 43:3; Mt 5:14; 18:10; Luke 11:35 & 36; James 1:17

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