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What is a Jew by M Elliott

What is a Jew?

It has come to the attention of Rabbi Moshe Laurie of Marion, IL that there are people in the Jewish or Christian communities, who because of traditional beliefs do not understand that just because a person born Jewish becomes a believer in Jesus Christ –whom the Hebrews call Yeshua- they do not stop being Jewish.

Even the former chief Rabbi of England has relented that you have to stop saying that if someone is born of Jewish parents, but becomes a believer in Jesus Christ, they do not give up their Judaism. The Supreme Court of Israel made a decision when a Messianic child won an Israeli bible contest that she was allowed to keep her prize even though there were those who tried to throw the child out for "not being a Jew", as the Court made a decision that she was still "Jewish".

Rabbi states "Lack of education and family traditions lead to misunderstanding and problems," and "In December our Messianic Jewish congregation Adat Ariel celebrated the Hanukkah Celebration (Festival of Lights) by lighting a six foot tall Menorah at the square in Marion. This led to a woman from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL-an interest group formed in 1913 to stop defamation of the Jewish people, and to bring an end to racism, bigotry of all kinds) in St. Louis calling up our local newspapers stating I was not Jewish, nor a Rabbi, and that Christians should not be doing Jewish stuff." Rabbi feels she has misused her office and calls upon people of all sides to work together as "the devil brings on enough hate by himself."

Rabbi Laurie was born in 1944 in Brooklyn, New York and was a practicing Orthodox Jew. He served in the US Marines and later moved to Israel and was a former member of the Israeli Security Services. He received the Messiah in a dramatic "fulfillment of the Lord Jesus Christ" in 1982. He hosts "Spiritual Warfare: The Call to Arms" on TCT, TV and hosts a live radio program being aired Saturdays at 10 a.m. over WGGH 1150 AM and directs Bible Voice Broadcasting, USA.

Laurie concludes "I have left three messages with the ADL and they never called back." He encourages all Christians to celebrate the festivals and "learn your Jewish heritage."

Info: www.Shofarbetzion.com, or contact Rabbi at deskoftherabbi@aol.com.

Submitted by M Elliott: marell777@yahoo.com
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