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Hanukkah Celebrated During Festival of Lights Fri.
By M Elliott

MARION, IL - On Friday afternoon, December 11, the Messianic Jewish congregation, Adat Ariel, will come together to celebrate Hanukkah with a “Festival of Lights”. They will light a new ten foot tall Menorah at the town square in Marion. Rabbi Moshe Laurie invites “one and all” to this community event at 4:20 - sundown. The lighting of the Menorah will then run through December 18 at the same time each evening.

“We celebrate because the Messiah also celebrated according to the scripture in John 10:22 when Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem,” said Rabbi Laurie, in commemoration of the restoration of the temple. "It is the story of how God once again stopped his people from being annihilated by the great military power of that day. That is why we celebrate the “Eight Days of Light” (Hanukkah) in remembrance of this great event.”

Photo by: Chazak Ve Amatz Em Chochma

Rabbi Moshe Laurie leads the Messianic Jewish congregation (named) Adat Ariel “The Lion of God” in Marion, IL. The term Messianic Jew means that they believe in Jesus, the one true living God, that the Messiah has come.

Regular services are held every Friday night at 7 at the Marion Center, 1301 Enterprise Way, Marion, IL. This is located between Rural King and Little Caesars. Rabbi encourages all to attend this service as well and reminds us that next Friday, December 18th, at 7 there will be a “Party of Hanukkah” with traditional Judeo-Christian food and gifts. “Please come and bring the children!” Rabbi again graciously invites.

Rabbi Laurie was born in 1944 in Brooklyn, New York and was a practicing Orthodox Jew. He served in the US Marines and later moved to Israel and was a former member of the Israeli Security Services. He received the Messiah in a dramatic “fulfillment of the Lord Jesus Christ” in 1982. He hosts a live radio program being aired Saturdays at 10 am on WGGH 1150 AM and directs Bible Voice Broadcasting, USA.

For more information go to www.Shofarbetzion.com, or contact Rabbi at deskoftherabbi@aol.com.

Submitted by M Elliott

Originally published 09:05 PM, Wednesday Dec. 09, 2009
Updated 07:43 AM, Thursday Dec. 10, 2009

West Kentucky Star