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How to down Load Documents

Click on the link below then:
  • Armies of God Scriptures
  • Artscroll Names of God
  • Australian PM Howard statement
  • Ben Stein Commentary
  • Biblical and Talmudic Medicine
  • Charts of Health Care takeover
  • Homeland for Palestinians
  • Interesting Facts about Israel
  • Iran and Nuclear Weapons
  • Iran call for Israel Destruction Nothing New
  • Islamic power in Canada
  • Jewish Historical outlook
  • Land Covenant Scriptures partial
  • Meet the Rabbi
  • Message to President Bush
  • Noachide laws
  • Numbers teaching text & prayer
  • Occupation of west bank
  • Political Correctness
  • Prayer shawl prayer translation
  • Quran Verses
  • Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri
  • Real meaning of Halloween
  • Rise & Fall of Democratic Society
  • Samson plan
  • Senators who voted against English
  • Similiarities btwn Biblical Islamiclast days
  • Tish BAv
  • The three branches of Judaism
  • Winston Churchill Mohammedanism
  • WhoWeAreRebJoe

  • How to save PDF Files

    Click on the link below then choose "Open" or "Save":
    If you chose open than save the PDF:

  • FGC organization chart and School List.pdf
  • Gaza fact sheet.pdf
  • Human Rights Council Resolution.pdf
  • Innovation In Compassion.pdf
  • Islamic Finance.pdf
  • Islamic finance in the United States.pdf
  • Murabaha Agreement.pdf
  • (U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism.pdf
  • HR 1388.pdf
  • HR 45.pdf
  • HR 1444.pdf

  • How to save Text (.txt) Files

    Click on the link below then:

    How to save Graphics

    1.Click on the link below
    2. Right click with your mouse on the Picture.
    3. Then save picture as (see example).

    How to Download sound Files

    1.Click on the link below
    2. Then save as... to your computer.

    How to Download Zip Files

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    Then save to a folder in your computer:

    How to Download Web Pages

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    How to Download Page Information only

    (See picture on the right)
    Then save to a folder in your computer by:

    Making sure the extension .htm or .html is in the "File Name:" box if not you can type in .htm or .html yourself in the box, after the name of the file. "Save type as:" remains extension .txt. If you save it as only .txt to your folder, than a Text file will open, but the information will be full of HTML code, and hard to read. If this is the case, than you can rename the file .html, if your computer file folder settings are set to see file extensions.

    How to Copy & Paste

    To copy:
    Place your mouse arrow before the text, click down with your mouse and darken the area you want to copy.

    Then with your pointer over the highlighted text, press down the other, 2ond, "right click" (another) button and find copy.
    Click copy.

    Go to where you want the text like on "Note Pad" or "Word" and push down the 2ond button again find paste and click that.

    You should see what you just copied. :)
    If not try again.
    Try practicing here:

    Copy this

    Paste it in this box

    Now practice by using other words from this page and paste them into (Click to open) NOTEPAD.EXE Or locate the program in your start button

    Than save to a folder in your computer.